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Your patients rely on a specialist, shouldn’t you?

Comprehensive suite of software applications to cover all aspects of dental practice management.


The DOX|Management module is the core of our family of products. The company’s long history of serving the pediatric dental community for management use guarantees a broad understanding of what is needed to manage a pediatric dental practice. Also, having clarity of focus in pedo/ortho operations means we are never confused about what is most important in our development priorities.

DOX|Structured Chart™

DOX|Structured Chart is our clinical record keeping module, designed with the intent of being a perfect match for discerning pediatric dentists. As the name would imply, we “structure” the clinical process to match the unique workflow of the practice we are serving. We also take clinical record keeping to a high place of specificity for pediatric dentistry, especially when considering the complexities of charting the ever-evolving child dentition.


Our DOX|eServices module can be considered the third major component of the DOX|Pedo Technology Suite. DOX|eServices was born out of a need to answer the call of pediatric dental clients desperate for pedo fluent communication support. Emailing or texting an entire day’s worth of patients can be handled in minutes, and our Patient Portal allows for greater practice to patient communication than ever before.

Do you feel trapped by your practice management software?

Do you feel trapped by your practice management software? Are you constantly developing work arounds to make technology integrate with your pediatric office? Wouldn’t it be nice if the software was not only specifically designed for pediatric dentistry, but allowed you to customize it to fit your methodology and workflow? After all, this is your practice. Why invest in a product that will limit or pigeon-hole your office functionality to their one-size-fits-all standard? The DOX|Pedo Technology Suite offers unparalleled customization to fit your practice. Our clinical and patient forms are specifically tailored to your office, our scheduling offers the flexibility of multiple providers with multiple locations, and our patient portal software allows for greater practice-to-patient communication than ever before… all @ the Speed of Pedo.

Benefits Include:

  • Designed for Multi-Location Practices
  • Graphical Charting Simplifies Data Entry and Auto-Generates Custom Written Narratives
  • Integrated EHR Reporting Complete With Patient by Patient Daily Report Card (2014 Certified)
  • Complete Customizable Ortho Treatment Card
  • Family-Focused Patient Communications Built into the Program
  • Web Portal For:
    • Digital Delivery
    • Family Chart Review
    • Patient Treatment Summaries
    • HIPAA Compliant Secure Direct Messaging
  • Improve Social Networking Presence Using Our eReview Process

But don't take our word for it, here's what our clients are saying!

“Our parents are in their late 20’s and early 30’s. They expect their dentists to have the best of what the profession has to offer; the best dental equipment, state-of-the-art computers… DOX|Pedo and the support at KSB Dental ‘fits’ with my philosophy of doing business. The Clinical component has changed everything. It’s a whole different mindset – paper to computer. It’s great.”

Tonya R. Triplett, D.D.S.
Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Not having the best practice software is detrimental to your future. As a specialist, I wanted software geared towards a pediatric dentist, and the DOX|Pedo Technology Suite delivers without fail.”

Dustin Janssen, D.D.S.
Parkview Pediatric Dentistry
Lubbock, Texas