Management and Clinical Software for the Pediatric and Orthodontic Focused Practice


The DOX|Management module is the core of our family of products. Our long history of serving the pediatric dental community for management use guarantees a broad understanding of what is needed to manage a pediatric dental practice.  Also, having clarity of focus in pedo/ortho operations means we are never confused about what is most important in our development priorities.

DOX|Structured Chart™

DOX|Structured Chart is our clinical record keeping module, designed with the intent of being a perfect match for discerning pediatric dentists.  As the name would imply, we “structure” the clinical process to match the unique flow of the practice we are serving.  We also take clinical record keeping to a high plane of specificity for pediatric dentistry.  We also take clinical record keeping to a high plane of specificity for pediatric dentistry, especially when considering the complexities of charting the ever-evolving child dentition.


The DOX|eServices module can be considered the third major component of the DOX|Pedo Technology Suite.  DOX|eServices module was born out of a need to answer the call of pediatric dental clients solutions desperate for pedo fluent communication support. Emailing or texting an entire day’s worth of patients can be handled in minutes, and our Patient Portal allows for greater practice-to-patient communication than ever before.

What others say about us

I have had the pleasure of working with KSB Dental since the beginning of their company, and they have consistently delivered exceptional service. The team is passionate about their pediatric dental software/products, and routinely upgrade them to meet the needs of their clients. My team and I know KSB staff members on a first name basis. They treat you like family and frequently reach out to clients for feedback. We are very happy with this great group of professionals and look forward to working with them in the future. Highly recommend.
Randall K. Lout, DDS, Mesa & Phoenix, AZ, DOX|Pedo User
Not having the best practice software is detrimental to your future. As a specialist, I wanted software geared towards a pediatric dentist, and the DOX|Pedo Technology Suite delivers without fail.
Dustin Janssen, DDS, Lubbock, TX, DOX|Pedo User

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