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Credit Card Processing
Our partnership with Open Edge/Global Payment Solutions allows us to offer several processing options through the DOX|Pedo Technology Suite™.

Single Payments
Process payments securely through the DOX program. No need to own or lease a terminal for transactions anymore, you simply enter your payment amount and swipe the card. Users can even attach a chip reading scanner or debit card pin pad to conform to the latest rules in PCI compliance. Once the credit card is approved the cardholder can sign the transaction digitally if there is a signature pad attached to the workstation. You can then either email the receipt to the accountholder or print it in the office.

Recurring Payments
Offices can also use the integration to store credit card information in OpenEdge’s PCI compliant vault to use for recurring payments. Simply setup your financial arrangement and associate the credit card on file with that plan. When the financial plan rolls due, the card will automatically be authorized and the payment for the installment will be paid in the system. When the application is finished rolling due all of the accounts and applying the payments it will return a report of all the items that were successful as well as a list of those that were unsuccessful.

Online Payments
Accountholders can log into their online eComm account and make payments on their balances. These payments are securely processed through OpenEdge’s PCI compliant online gateway and notifications are sent to the office through the eChanges section of the DOX program. The office then selects which invoices to apply the payment to. If the payment is applied to a payment plan the program automatically rolls any needed installment due and posts the payment.