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KSB Dental has a 25+ year legacy of serving the pediatric dental community.  This focus started with established practices many years ago in the leadership of the pediatric dental community and spread from there.  For many years, our focus has been primarily centered around helping mature pediatric practices transition to our offering which was obviously pedo-centric in design.  All of the intense customization we provide to this specialty, was costly for the “new resident” starting up a practice from scratch.

To further complicate things, Dental Supply houses work hard to put their general purpose applications into practices to wrap up the future supply and equipment business.  Interestingly enough, a caring supply house representative once told us, you know, we are instructed to do a full court press on the doctor to “own the desktop”, our research shows that if we wrap that up we gain 80% of their business.  However, he knew we were a specialist application and didn’t feel right guiding the doctor to their offering.  This is the rare situation, most of the time a lot of misinformation is thrown around; specifically in regards to digital radiography software and lack of integration if they go with another product – when in reality we integrate with every digital radiography system available including the supply house offering.

With all that said; we decided to listen to clients coming on board who have repeatedly said “I can’t believe I didn’t know you guys were out there, I feel like I have been spinning my wheels trying to make something not designed specifically for pediatric dentistry work.  It does ok, but it has always felt like it should do more for me- what a waste”.

In 2011 we did two things:

1)We branded our product the DOX|Pedo Technology Suite – with that change our tag line transitioned from the “Family Focused Software” to “Pediatric Dental Software Specialists.  This has helped clear up confusion in the marketplace.

2)We made the fundamental decision to focus on the Resident/Startup Pediatric Dentist.  To this end, we developed our “Start Right Program” initiative.  This program provided for an economically viable means for the Pediatric Dentist to grow their practice with a powerful combination of tailored software and high level consultative training perfect for the newly minted pediatric dentist.

Today we are excited to have had the opportunity to work with many Residents starting up practices all over the country.  We are intent on growing this element of our user group in 2017.