Working @ The Speed of Pedo™ as an organizing principle and education tag line, for us is a small epiphany but significant none the less. Anyone who truly understands the unique nature of pediatric dentistry understands that there is a lot happening in a compressed amount of time.

Dentists who serve children are a unique group and treat “precious cargo” every day in the face of ever increasing standards of care placed by the doctor themselves as well as external driving forces.

The often conflicting structure is designing and implementing technology that, on one hand, has to be of an exceptional standard, while at the same time able to do “everything” @ The Speed of Pedo™. For example, the clinical workflow of examining, diagnosing, treatment planning, recording of progress notes, as well as hand off to the front all happen in a compressed time frame (while also dealing with topics like behavior and the dual audience of minors and parents). This is just a small subset of the daily activities that can benefit from “digital workflow automation”.

Digital Workflow Automation for us is the next step of elegance in understanding the nuances of a specialty like pediatric dentistry to the point of providing workflow automation where information is acquired and utilized in a natural flow to avoid redundancy and handle other downstream needs.  We recognize the concept is predicated on the idea that the information flows from A to Z without dropping to paper, and action A automatically triggers action B, which then launches C, etc.  Having vital patient care information existing on paper subverts elegant flow and compounds errors.

KSB Dental has always focused specifically on the needs of pediatric dentists and by extension the orthodontists in our large number of dual specialty practices. One of the most exciting things about deciding to serve fewer is the opportunity to serve better.

Could our software work for any dentist or specialty focus in dentistry? Sure it could; especially given our penchant for designing software that allows for extreme customization on the clinical front. We truly can design any exam for any dentist.

Pediatric dentists absolutely understand the mastery of specialization; the idea of sprinkling in adult patients throughout a patient care schedule, and the resulting confusion in dynamics, mirrors how we feel about being able to focus our attention to this specialty. Over the last many years we have, on average, taken a pediatric dental office live on digital charts every week. If we had to switch gears (like the generalized supply house software products) to serve general dentists, oral surgeons, endodontists, or prosthodontists, it would diminish our ability to focus on the nuances of our chosen specialty – pediatric dentistry.

In closing, we wake up every day with a mission of making life better for our pediatric dental customers. Because we are so well versed in the subtleties of pediatric dental practice management, we are exceptionally qualified to transition pediatric dentists and orthodontists to a true digital workflow that is not only “paperless” but where all actions flow through our digital structure @ The Speed of Pedo.

Please call today to schedule a demonstration of our specialty workflow at 866-410-4500 or contact us by email at info@doxpedo.com.

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