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The  DOX (Dental Office eXcellence for pediatric dentistry) software suite is dedicated to just one thing, being an ideal framework of software tools to operate a pediatric practice.   These software tools have a 25+ year legacy of serving the needs of pediatric dentist.  Roughly 600 pediatric dentists today use our products and services.

All the fundamentals exist that you may be familiar with as being inclusive of marketed supply house applications, with one important distinction.  Every feature of the application has been designed with the pediatric dentist in mind.   In a very short time product review, you will quickly come to the realization that the product is fluent in “Pedo”.  Our “digital workflow” model for pediatric dentistry is second to none, allowing you to operate at the “speed of pedo”.

The DOX|Pedo Technology Suite is comprised of 3 cornerstone modules that can  be implemented 1 at a time or as an tightly integrated suite.
DOX|Pedo Management
DOX|Pedo Clinical
DOX|Pedo eServices