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Each year KSB Dental has a unique opportunity to introduce significant advancements that align with our mission to better serve the dental community. In rolling out texting as a highly integrated component of our DOX|Technology Suite™, we see this and our new enhancements of DOX |eComm™ as key components for the continuing evolvement of our “Patient Care Management” strategies. Practice Management has been the primary target of the currently available products on the market, so much so that features like insurance claim processing, scheduling, billing and so forth have become commodities. But with Patient Care Management: the gears begin with visit preparation, continue with exams, diagnosis, education, recommendations for care and change, and then proceed with follow-up, scheduling, post-visit communication and continuing care in similar patterns for the life of the patient. All the gears in the patient care management continuum beg for elegant technology support.

At KSB we can guide you as to how to implement each gear in the intricate system of what is a state-of-the-art dental practice. Given the systemic nature of all we talk about, we have designed each piece to be intelligently supportive of another. However, we also recognize that many of our practices are in transition, so when possible we design each gear in the system to provide benefits even when the practice has not fully evolved with our technology.

We are truly excited about our DOX|eServicesTM technology, consisting of email, texting and a patient portal linked to your website (DOX|eComm). There is no doubt these capabilities are important as it is now becoming the norm for people to complete many tasks of simple communication utilizing a variety of digital means.

The once unique idea of having the computer call patients with a voice message to confirm appointments is now simply replaced with texting and emailing, resulting in much higher response rates. In addition, true automated bidirectional communication is attained. Not only is your database immediately updated with the confirmation level, but also the patient’s response can trigger additional automated information or communication with that patient. This is true for texting, emailing or a combination of both.

Frankly, there are several companies that have filled the digital communication gap for all management software companies with third-party add-ons, such as Televox, Smile Reminders and others. We have been happy to see these choices available to our clients.

However, what it finally boiled down to for us is the fact that texting, emailing and online accounts are now mainstream and expected. Patients are wanting convenience, as well as accuracy, elegance and capabilities that just cannot be achieved with third party add-ons.

DOX|eServices in general make up a significant portion of our development focus. It really is fascinating to see how this area of electronic communication is changing so rapidly. We give you the power to leverage these technologies to increase convenience and communication with your patients, without simultaneously increasing your workload.

Elevating what has been a basic concept such as texting and email into a truly automated patient care continuum, makes a live demonstration essential to visualize the impact in your practice. Contact us to see how your practice can shift into a different gear of effective communication using our DOX|eServices.