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“Advanced training was extremely beneficial to our team. We will certainly invite KSB back at the end of the year to make certain the effectiveness they instilled will be maintained indefinitely. I am very pleased that we made the decision to expand our knowledge of the software. KSB’s on-site training and evaluation not only improved our confidence and efficiency, but also infused novel ways to think about the flow pattern of the office. From my perspective as a practice owner, KSB was simply great.”

-Minerva Patel, DDS, White Plains, NY

The advanced training, a two day event usually scheduled on a Thursday and Friday, is a “more relaxed visit” compared to the initial training. On the first day, while seeing patients, the practice operates normally as one of KSB Denta’s trainers observes how the team is using their management software and makes notes on what system features they believe the team may not be taking advantage of. That evening we will often meet with the doctor to review our observations and plan the topics to be covered the following day. The second day is a more formal training. There is a “debrief” and reporting of our observations to the group. This coupled with individual questions, concerns and issues brought to our attention during day one help shape the training for day two.

The main focus of an advanced training event is to show offices the features of DOX software that they might not be using (at that point in time) and to help them become more efficient.

“There are lots of little nuggets I can uncover and any one of them can be so valuable that an office will say ‘Oh, wow! Just learning that was worth it. I can really take advantage of that today and down the road’.”

KSB believes that doctors should be using the advanced training as a continuing education opportunity for the front office staff. Budgeting continuing education funds for training the front office staff is important. It assures that the tool that they are using most often is being used at the highest level possible.

The topics for advanced training have changed over the years as the features and products that KSB offers its clients have evolved and expanded. Time and learning constraints make it difficult to explore all available features of DOX clinical and management components at the initial implementation. In many cases, advanced training becomes an ‘add-on’ training to the initial event.

  • Larger front office teams have a greater potential for inconsistencies due to their size. Often, they are not using DOX in the detailed approach it is capable of producing. The advanced training event addresses this issue. Turn-over at the front office is another reason to schedule additional training.
  • Some of the benefits of advanced training are:
    * Taking on new features and/or becoming more efficient with the features an office currently uses
    * Exploring short cuts that help staff access information easier/quicker
    * Improved efficiency when scheduling and treatment planning (including possibly adjusting the set up of the appointment book allowing for more effective scheduling)
    * Review and fine tune the insurance estimating process, including data clean-up
    * Exploring the nuances of TPL