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With a legacy spanning more than 25 years of supporting dentists and orthodontists with pedo specific software technology, the team at KSB Dental is more than equipped to serve the unique and dynamic workflows a pediatric dental practice requires.


  • This mission started many years ago for a number of our team members and founding partners with a legacy product called Datatrac. Although not specifically stated, the company focused a majority of its attention to meeting the unique needs of pediatric dentists and by extension orthodontists by happenstance more than startup goal. This type of niche effort is not unusual when you match service organizations comprised of people who care with a specific need on the part of those who they are serving.
  • That firm evolved and sold in the 90’s after many years of success having grown to 400 pediatric dentists utilizing the product, leaving employees / partners in the business with questions about mission and their place. The idea at the time is that it would be maintained as a pediatric centered product. However, shortly thereafter there was an intent expressed to “mothball” that product and “convert” those clients to more generalized dentistry applications with a larger base of clients (deciding it was too expensive to maintain a separate code base “just for pedo – really how much different can it truly be”).
  • The state of dental technology in the 90’s was one in which software was in an evolutionary stage of predominately be regulated to be supporting billing, AR/Financial Reporting, claims, recare, scheduling, etc… Software was in its infancy of consideration for replacement of charts, exams, consents, etc… and the achievement of “paperless” workflows.
  • However, even though software was not what it is today, the clients of Datatrac had learned to enjoy very personalized adaptations of (at the time) commonly accepted computerized activities like appointment scheduling, billing, etc.. designed specifically for pediatric dentists. The thought of having to go backwards and adopt generalized supply house offerings etc… was unacceptable for the vast majority of that group. This vacuum pulled on the original employees of Datatrac to not leave these clients (whom in many cases they had developed strong bonds of service and support) without a path of further evolving what had become a mission of specializing for pediatric dentistry.

2000 KSB Dental

  • KSB Dental was formed in 2000 by, and employing, a number of previous Datatrac employees, but we didn’t content ourselves with simple support. KSB set out to create a new product to continue the mission of providing dynamic, evolving specialized technology, as well as, progressive technology for the future of dental software and advancements in the field of pediatric dentistry. Originally naming the product DOX (Dental Office Xpress), we focused on marketing the software with a family focus. At the time, the mission of the company was to serve an existing group, versus an intention to market to a new client base. This was done with impressive results, serving the existing group with service and support until eventually the Datatrac clients moved to the new DOX application. Today, 99% of the original clients have made the transition.
  • Over time, the company began to expand the offering, providing clinical charting and eServices influenced by over 400 dentists. As if handling the unique needs and dynamics of “Patient CARE Management” was not enough from a pediatric dental perspective; we often were pressed on the topic of “what about my orthodontist, or ortho component or ortho chart”.

2005 to 2010 DOX|Pedo Technology Suite™

  • In 2005 a key milestone effort for KSB Dental to take all of its existing pediatric dental practices “live” on digital charts was well under way. As our software evolved, so did our mission: Providing pediatric dental and orthodontic practices with comprehensive excellence in every facet of their offices. Our DOX (Dental Office eXcellence) product has evolved into DOX|Technology Suite, offering practices the ability to run management, charting, eServices, and more in a truly dynamic, digital workflow… all at their fingertips.
  • in 2010, we made a conscious choice to expand our focus on serving the needs of the Orthodontist as a parallel track of priority focus and our rollout of the new Ortho Treatment Card was received with great enthusiasm.   As with our clinical focus for pediatric dentists we started this mission with the simple premise that we have never met the same doctor twice.   We have never seen the same chart twice.  Each doctor tends to have their own world view of what constitutes diagnosis, consultation, tx planning, treatment and recurring care.   From that perspective we design our software to function more of an “engine to be harnessed” versus a application designed to dictate a particular viewpoint.

2014 EHR Certification

  • Continued to growth, development, and advances as we learned about needs and concerns, as well as, upcoming events and regulations to come in the near future. One of those being Electronic Health Records (EHR). In May of 2014 KSB Dental became one of the first dental software products to become a 2014 Stage 2 Certified Electronic Health Record by the Drummond Group (national testing body).
  • A recent guidance paper by the AAPD estimates that at least 70% of pediatric dentists are involved with Medicaid. Since 98% of our clients are pediatric dentists, we recognized that this was an area that we could demonstrate our “all-in” commitment to our clients. It is expected that EHR will become a necessity among all medical professionals, to include the dental profession as well. We are ahead of the game in that we have already helped a large number of pediatric dentists implement the upcoming EHR requirements, and receive their first incentive payment. A number of our practices are also using our Structure Charting, Ecomm services, and Clinical forms/narratives to demonstrate “Meaning Use” to collect the remaining benefits.

2016 @ the Speed of Pedo

  • We have started 2016 by launching our “@ the Speed of Pedo™” campaign. Dentists who serve children are a unique group and treat “precious cargo” every day in the face of increasing standards of care placed by the doctors, as well as, external driving forces. The often conflicting structure is designing and implementing technology that has to be of an exceptional standard, while at the same time able to do “everything” @ the Speed of Pedo. For example, the clinical flow of examining, diagnosing, treatment planning, recording of progress notes, and hand off to the front all happen in a compressed time frame (while also dealing with topics like behavior and the dual audience of minors and parents). This is just a small subset of the daily activities that can benefit from “digital workflow automation”.

We wake up every day with a mission of making life better for our pediatric dental customers. Because we are so well versed in the subtleties of pediatric dental practice management, we are exceptionally qualified to transition pediatric dentists and orthodontists to a true digital workflow that is not only “paperless” but where all actions flow through our digital structure @ the Speed of Pedo.

Please call anytime for more information on any of our products 866-410-4500 or contact us by email at info@doxpedo.com.